A DesignerS BeginninG

Birdy Evans lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA.  She has been knitting since 2003 and started designing almost immediately, by accident. A newbie knitting mistake turned into an awesome twisted stitch scarf! Birdy actually started writing down her designs and selling them in 2008. You'll find a lot of lace and shawl patterns in her collection. 

More Than A Designer's CollectioN

Birdy LOVES working with lace and open work, this is reflected in her designs. Lately she's been drawn to combining her love of lace to her love of color. Her new and upcoming patterns will highlight the interplay between contrasting colors and solids and variegated yarns.

WHat ElsE?

We have more than just shawls and wraps: find patterns for your hands, head, household, and even your teddy bears.